From Water to Milk

89 % of the Ethiopian population does not have access to clean water. They need a drinking cleaner - why couldn't that be a cow?
There are many reasons why people don’t drink milk today, but one specific reason seems to be that they simply don’t find it as healthy or important as back in the day. Therefore we wanted to not only explain why milk is important, but also show it in a way that actually matters.
A cow with its four stomachs is by nature designed to drink water without it having to be cleaned first. So why not use cows to create a kind of purified water for people in the third world - milk!
A cow produces 26 liters of milk a day, which is enough for 52 people. It can give them calcium, protein and other important nutrients that everyone needs.
A milk company like Arla would have the resources to create a “From water to Milk Foundation” and send cows to Ethiopia. They could also donate a small part of their revenue, each time they sell a carton of milk and make a real impact on the water crisis and make current milk drinkers proud. In this way Arla could create more milk drinkers in the world and in a meaningful way show people that milk is indeed healthy and important.
My role

I have made this in collaboration w/ Amalie Lang. We have both made the idea and executed it.

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