Airbnb Toilet

Public toilets are known to be disgusting and there are too few of them in the streets. Luckily people's homes have toilets, so why not use them?
You go to the bathroom four to seven times a day and when you drink alcohol it’s even more. This is especially a problem at street events where there's never enough toilets. This results in alternative solutions such as peeing in the streets.
The homes near the street events becomes the toilet anyway, so why not make a business out of it? If you put a price on using them, such as 20 DKK and people on average are willing to pay for three toilet visits in total, then there's a lot of money to be made during a street event such as Notting Hill Carnival with over 1 million guests visiting a day. If Airbnb took 3.68 % in commision, it would give the airbnb host 2,658.20 DKK a day - and 2,008,000 DKK a day for Airbnb.
The toilet function could easily be integrated into Airbnb’s current app and people could therefore be able to rate the toilet and the host could rate the users. Furthermore to make it easy to navigate and use the service, we created a toilet overview and payment system.
The hosts can print a sign with their name to make it valid for people to use. It also contains information of the host making it easier for the peeing people to pay.
My role

I have made this in collaboration w/ Amalie Lang. We have both made the idea and executed it, but I made the GIF.

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